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Archival Silver Gelatin Print

Series of phrases that contribute to the conditioning of females within society.

1. Seen But Not Heard
2. Said No But Meant Yes
3. Oppressor Oppressed Oppressor Oppressed
4. Oh This Should Be Good
5. Stoned To Death
6. Climbing the Ladder
7. And They Lived Happily Ever After
8. Know Your Place
9. Stick To Your Own Kind
10. Submissive Is Attractive
11. The One You Want But Can’t Get
12. Power to Give or Take
13. Feminine Feminist Feminine Feminist
14. Play Their Game
15. The Serpent Deceived Me And I Ate
16. Asked For It
17. Love Money or Neither
18.Trapped In Societies Box
19. Mates Like A Mantis
20. Putty In Her Hands
21. Princess Seductress Princess Seductress
22. I’ve Been Dealing with White People My Whole Life
23. Promiscuity Is In
24. Of The Woman Came The Beginning Of Sin And Through Her We All Die
25. Killing A Woman Isn’t A Hate Crime
26. Ain’t I A Woman (Alternate, Not shown)